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Comparison of different models of multi-criteria ABC inventory classification

Jafar Rezaei; Mansour Esmaeilzadeh

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 1-22

  This paper compares different multi-criteria inventory classification models. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a simple and applicable quantitative approach for this comparison. This model is capable to compare a large number of inventor)' classification models. The selected models for this ...  Read More

Investigation of factors affecting cultural products (book) sales promotion

Nastaran Hajiheydari; Mohammad Bakhtiar Nasrabadi; Hamidreza Esmaili Givi; Mohammad Soltani Delgosha

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 23-47

  The main purpose of this research is to develop and test a model to enhance our understanding of “How consumers evaluate online and offline channels and how the formation of online and offline purchase intensions and perceived value increase”. In the presented model, service quality, merchandise ...  Read More

The operational model for supply chain agility evaluation in national Iranian oil company: case of NISOC

Rohollah sohrabi; AbolfazI Kazazi; Jahanyar B. Soofi

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 49-73

  Although the importance of Agility in supply chain in many different industries is clear, and being responsive, customer oriented and, flexible is obvious in management and organizations, Iran big oil companies do not pay enough attention to designing and implementation of their supply chains. The purpose ...  Read More

A model of alignment between international marketing strategy with organizational contextual dimensions and international marketing subsystems and its effect on export performance (case study: engineering and technical services industry)

Hasan Ghasemi; Seyed Mohammad A’arabi; NabiAllah Dehghan

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 75-105

  This paper is consequence of field survey that is done for studying the effect of alignment between international marketing strategy and organizational contextual dimensions and international marketing subsystems on export performance of engineering and technical services firms. The statistical population ...  Read More

Exploring the effective factors in entrepreneurial potential with developing a multidisciplinary approach: duto parts manufacturing industries case study

Peyman Akhavan; Mir Ali seyed Nahavi; Ahmad Ebrahimi; Arash Bakhsha; Mohammad R. Zahedi

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 107-133

  This research is done for more knowing about automobile industries entrepreneurship environment and has presented the comprehensive model for starting the entrepreneurship in this field. This model is extracted from interviewing Iranian auto parts manufacturing entrepreneurs and most information has ...  Read More

Offering a model in data envelopment analysis to obtain common set of weights using fuzzy logic

Maghsoud Amiri; Amir Alimi; Seyed Hossein Abtahi

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 135-151

  Data envelopment analysis model is a model for calculating the efficiency of decision making units (DMUs). In previous models there are some weaknesses that the most important one is changing weights of inputs and outputs in model that lead to evaluate efficiencies of DMUs with different weights. The ...  Read More

Usage of data mining in improvement CRM

M.J. Tarokh; K. Sharifiyan

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 153-181

  Financial corporation and banks are sort of organization that due to specialty of their work, are very needy to customer management process ; and data mining is one of the best available tools for them to asses definition and behavior forecast of their customers. Data mining is improving very fast and ...  Read More

Determining investment risk in an exchange portfolio by using Value at Risk (VaR) method

Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiani

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, Pages 183-200

  In optimizing an investment portfolio, the aim is to determine optimal value of per security, where prepares the minimum risk and the maximum return. One of the methods to measure risk of portfolio is Value at Risk (VaR). In the VaR method, risk of securities portfolio is estimated for a time horizon ...  Read More