Document Type : Research Paper



Today, different types of proactive organizations can be classified in service and industrial organization sectors. The first types of organizations are located in developing countries and have had brood- based activities. The second type organizations operate developed countries and are more important in terms of value creation and economic operations. What is apparent in literature review and conceptual model and theory is that, the respective issues are more relevant to industrial organizations which have measurable tangible activity and performance. Therefore, service organizations are to utilize knowledge in accordance with its environment and structure.
In this research, quality findings enable organizational managers to improve and present better service quality and operations. Regarding this issue, literature on organizational excellence models is reviewed. After identifying scientific dimensions of subject matter, with respect to expert knowledge and executive managers who are involved in service, and industrial organizations, an excellence model is analyzed and introduced. All data collected and evaluated regarding: Deming, Baldrige EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management and CAF (Common assessment Framework), theoretical Excellence model evaluated thoroughly by all organizational managers working repeatedly and continuously in strategic, technical and scientific committees throughout IDCO organizations. Thereby final conceptual excellence model approved and authorized by organization for implementation.