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Developing a Two Objectives Model for Maximal Covering Problem Considering Queuing Parameters

Mehdi Seifbarghy; Razieh Forghani; Zarifeh Rathi

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 1-13

  Maximal Covering Location Problem (MCLP) aims at maximizing a population of customers which are located within a specified range of time or distance from some new servers which should be located. A number of extensions have been proposed for this problem, one of which is considering queuing constraints ...  Read More

Application of Response Surface Methodology to Determine Effective Factors on Production Process of Glass Bottle

Maghsoud Amiri

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 15-39

  Some problems of real world, must be determine and analyze input variable's effect on response variable. One of the applicable techniques which are used for modeling and solving such problems is response surface methodology (RSM). In this paper the effect of five controllable input factors: raw materials, ...  Read More

A Hierarchical Model Based on Fuzzy Weighted Average Technique for Evaluating and Measuring Manufacturing Agility

Seddigheh Khorshid

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 41-69

  Globalization and competitiveness have undergone earthquakes, tremors and aftershocks on global manufacturing environment, that have forced manufacturing organizations to restructure and change way of doing their business. Furthermore, manufacturing organizations have realized that agility is essential ...  Read More

An Organizational Excellence Model for Evaluating Service and Public Organization Units, Operated Under IDCO Authority

Fattah Sharifzadeh

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 71-104

  Today, different types of proactive organizations can be classified in service and industrial organization sectors. The first types of organizations are located in developing countries and have had brood- based activities. The second type organizations operate developed countries and are more important ...  Read More

The Application of Ant Colony Algorithm in Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem with Fuzzy Movement Time among Cities

Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiani

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 105-122

  Traveling salesman problem (TSP) is one of the most well-known combinational optimization problems which recently has been a suitable base to validate different heuristic and Meta heuristic algorithms. Multiple application of this problem in both theoretical and operational field is remarkable to researches. ...  Read More

Three-echelon Supply Chain Management under Uncertainty Using Multi-objective Fuzzy Programming

Mostafa Ekhtiari

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 123-160

  In this paper, a single-product three-echelon supply chain with the loops of manufactures-distributors-customers has been considered where the customers demand, the percent of rejected product from customers and the shipping time of product from distributors to customers are considered as fuzzy variables. ...  Read More

The Barriers and Problems of ISO Implementation in Iranian Manufacturing Companies

Seyed Faramarz Ghoreni

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, Pages 161-186

  At the present time, suitable and on time response to customers need’s is the most important factor for success, and many organizations focus on quality according to ISO standards. This quantitative - descriptive study, was conducted related to the barriers and problems of ISO implementation in ...  Read More