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One of the most common problems, encountered in the quality of product industrial units, includes low level & high distribution of production quality specifications. The complexity of methods causes the manager not to be able to make the right decision for solving this problem. The Six Sigma methodology is a powerful tool for adjusting the parameters of production processes & its optimization in order to make them competitive products. To be able to guide the quality changes of goods in the desirable direction, first we must become familiar with these changes & then we must recognize the reasons of their presence. In this regard, barcode system which has high capabilities in increasing the speed & precision of data transfer can help the organization to reach a desirable level of sigma. The present article has attempted to familiarize the readers with the definition of six sigma methodology & how to use the barcode system to improve the sigma level in a case study. The quality improvement of products which is a result of optimized management of sigma level has resulted in achieving desirable economical goals for the organization. These goals have been assessed in the conclusion section.