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Evaluating of leanness by using a Combined Fuzzy ANP and DEMATEL Approach

Ahmad Jafarnejad; Ahmad Ahmadi; Mohammad Hasan Malaki

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 1-25

  By studying the literature of lean production concepts and according to the attempts made by the organization to measure and implement the principles of lean production, it is decided to take the two measure streams, regarding to lean production into deep consideration. The outcome of these studies can ...  Read More

The Covering location Problem Considering lost Demand with Genetic Algorithm in Congested Systems

Hasan Shavandi; Mehdi Mardane Khameneh

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 27-48

  On the networks existing servers and customers, each node indicates a customer demand and demand rate is estimated for them. The edges of the network indicate connective ways among the nods which is usually shown with the distance of two nods or the time of travelling. In the covering location problems, ...  Read More

Evaluation and Ranking Strategies With ELECTRE III Techniques in Fuzzy Situation (Case Study Conducted at Temad Co.)

Abolfazl Kazzazi; Maghsood Amiri; Fatemeh Rahbar Yaghoobi

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 49-79

  In This paper, application of MCDM techniques in evaluation and ranking of Temad Co. strategies has been considered. Statistical target group, as "expert group" has been chosen among company's managers to identify strategies and evaluate them. At the first phase, strategies have been deducted with SWOT ...  Read More

Evolutionary multi-objective Algorithm for Continuous Review Stochastic Inventory Systems

Soheila Khishtandar; Farhad Farzad; Mostafa Zandieh

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 81-99

  Different inventory control systems try to determine how much and when to order at the least relevant cost while maintaining a desirable service level for customers. In this article, a continuous review stochastic inventory system, with three objectives, is optimized. In this model, contrary to the traditional ...  Read More

Proposing a Model for Calculating Amount of Incentive Payments to Employees Using Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Ali Mohtashami; Sarvenaz Tayyebi

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 101-128

  Managers in organizations. In this paper an innovative model for calculating amount of incentive payments to employee has been proposed. Considering the multi criteria nature of assessing organization’s employees, this research propose a methodology to face this problem using multiple criteria ...  Read More

Using Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Assessment Method (Fuzzy AHP) in the Best Sequence Selection in a Single Machine Shop

Nasim Ekram Nosratian

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 129-146

  One of the main steps in production planning is the operation sequencing. The operation sequencing is assessed by a series of efficiency indexes such as jobs completion average time, jobs maximum tardiness and jobs average tardiness. In order to accomplish these efficiency indexes, some heuristic rules ...  Read More

Optimized Management of Production Sigma Level by Using Bar Code System in Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries

Amir Abbas Yazdani; Yasser Fallah Makrani; Ramzan Gholami

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 147-166

  One of the most common problems, encountered in the quality of product industrial units, includes low level & high distribution of production quality specifications. The complexity of methods causes the manager not to be able to make the right decision for solving this problem. The Six Sigma methodology ...  Read More

Identifying and Ranking Key Effective Factors in New Product Development (NPD), in SAIPA Automobile Group CO with AHP approach

Alireza Mamaghani; Soheyl Sarmad Saeedi; Mohammad Reza Kabaranzade Ghadim

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 167-194

  New Product Development (NPD) and its significance for companies, as a new approach, have some risks, but the identification of key factors of this 'approach can be helpful in decreasing risks in managers’ decision-making. So in this research, it is tried through library studies and consulting ...  Read More

Proposed Fuzzy Revised Theory of Constraints Algorithm for Product Mix Problems with Fuzzy Capacity and Demand

Naser Hamidi; Parvaneh Samouei; Mahdi Eghbali

Volume 8, Issue 20 , March 2011, Pages 195-214

  Identification and determination of products and their quantities according to available resources are called Product Mix Problem in manufacturing plants. There are many methods for solving these problems. One of these methods is Theory of Constraints which is easy to use and understand. But unfortunately, ...  Read More