Document Type : Research Paper



New Product Development (NPD) and its significance for companies, as a new approach, have some risks, but the identification of key factors of this 'approach can be helpful in decreasing risks in managers’ decision-making. So in this research, it is tried through library studies and consulting with professors, managers and experts in departments related to product development in SAIPA Automobile Group to identify the key factors and their indicators as much as possible. So through pre-test from 12 experts, 4 key factors of technology, marketing, commercializing, and product development team management were determined and the importance of indicators were identified and 5 important indicators were chosen for each factor and 21 reliable questionnaires were gathered from 23 managers and experts in related departments (product development strategy, technical and providing-parts and marketing departments) through Analytical Hierarchical Process test approach. After compatibility ratio test, ideas were put together and the importance of factors and indicators was determined through pair comparison. Therefore respectively, marketing factor with index of Special profits in product, product development team with index of work incentives, in factor of technology consistent with new products and commercial key factor with flexibility and attention to customer needs are the most important factors in the NPD process. So, knowing and determining the priority of these factors in gathering and implementing product development strategy accelerate and facilitate the success procedure and decrease the decision-making risk.