Document Type : Research Paper



In today's business world, agility is considered as one of the most important characteristics in competitive industries. Hence, this study presents a new approach toward promoting organizational agility in companies and institutions. The proposed approach is based on the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) technique, and, is accomplished by constructing two House of Quality (HOQ) Sequentially. As the first step, the most important competitive bases related to desired industry, should be identified.
The second step is allocated to identify and strengthen those agile attributes which are needed for the company in order to achieve the competitive bases. Finally, as the third Step, proper agile enablers that are suitable tools to achieve the mentioned agile attributes, identified and being exploited.
As a result, the organization can attain market competitive bases relying on a set of appropriate agile enablers related to its specialized field of activity.
In this paper, the whole scaffold exploits fuzzy logic to translate linguistics judgements of experts into numerical values.
Eventually, an illustrative example, grounded on data available in literature, is presented and discussed to investigate the proposed approach analytically.