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Evaluation and Justification of RFID Implementation In IRAN Commercial Port's Container Supply Chain (Case Study: Bushehr Port)

Shahriar Mohammadi; Sedigheh Ardast

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 1-19

  Simultaneous with port's development and complexity in transportation processes, a number of problems have occurred in global supply chain. Nowadays, new technologies are used as a flexible solution to control quality of services and manage port's processes. One of the most effective existing technologies ...  Read More

Presentation the Data Envelopment Analysis/Goal Programming Integrated Model for Improves Decision making Unit’s Efficiency Measurement (Case study: the Bank Branches)

Mohamad Hosein Tahari Mehrjardi; Dariush Farid; Hamid Babaei Meybodi

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 21-37

  Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) has been a very popular method for measuring and benchmarking relative efficiency of peer Decision Making Units (DMUs) with multiple input and outputs. However, some problems have also appeared as the applications of DEA advance. One of inter-related problems that has ...  Read More

The Algorithm for Solving Shortest-Path Problems Based on Electrical Circuit Laws

Ali Khatami Firoozabadi; Hossein Mohebbi; Mohammad Zarei Mahmoodabadi

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 39-61

  Shortest-path problem is one of the well-known optimization problems that has been studied by many scientists in recent years. Applications of this problem such as transportation and communication are generally solved by Dijkstra's Algorithm (Labeling). In this paper, two separate scientific fields, ...  Read More

Using Nonlinear programming for Determining the Safety Stock Level in a Supply Chain with Various Channels and Levels

Laya Olfat; Mohammad Reza Sadeghi

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 63-83

  Nowadays, inventory management has a significant importance in supply chain. In supply chain management literature, inventory control and minimizing inventory-related cost are a main challenges confronting the managers. One of the issues attracting the attention of most researchers is determining the ...  Read More

Promoting Organizational Agility Using Fuzzy QFD Approach

Seyyed Mahmoud Zanjirchi; Majid Nedjatiyan Ghasemiyeh; Mohsen Taheri Demneh

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 85-106

  In today's business world, agility is considered as one of the most important characteristics in competitive industries. Hence, this study presents a new approach toward promoting organizational agility in companies and institutions. The proposed approach is based on the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) ...  Read More

Employing Multi Attributes Decision Making Techniques for Rating the Supply Chain Risk Factors (Case Study: the field of information technology in small and medium enterprises)

Haidar Mirfakhroddini; Davood Andalib Ardakani; Morteza Rezaei Asl

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 107-130

  Supply chain is a network of independent organizations that cooperate with each other, in order to control, manage and improve material and information flow from suppliers to final consumers to meet customer satisfaction. In Industry, especially industries that are moving towards the longer supply chain, ...  Read More

Application of Response Surface Methodology for Recognition of Effective Factors on Electroplating Process

Mehdi Yazdani; Mahshid Aioobi; Amin Ghoroori

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 131-142

  Some real world problems include determining optimum values of lput variables in order to obtain the desired levels of output variable response surface variable). One of the applicable techniques which are set for modeling and solving such problems is Response Surface methodology (RSM). In this paper, ...  Read More

Modeling Stock Prices Bubbles by System Dynamics for the Car Manufacturing Industry

Ali Saeedi; Javad Shabzendedar

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 143-165

  Price bubble is a phenomenon in which the assets prices go up considerably. The research shows that bubbles have Non-Linea characteristic, and common methods of stock valuation such a Discounted cash flow models and relative models, usually are unable to evaluate stock values. Common and Non-Systemic ...  Read More

An Algorithm for the Cycled Shortest Path Problem

Asghar Aini; Amir Salehipour

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, Pages 167-180

  For a network with cycle, where at least one cycle exists, the Floyd- Warshall algorithm is probably the most used algorithm to determine he least cost path between every pair of nodes on this network, i.e. the solution for the shortest path problem with cycle. In this paper, a new algorithm for this ...  Read More