Document Type : Research Paper



One of the most important problems in project management is the undesirable time and cost variances of projects which are not considered before the project implementation. This problem is the result of the risks, occurring in the length of the project implementation. In this case, Risk Management based on PMBOK standard can be proposed as a methodology that is so vital because of uncertain nature of projects and necessity of best resources usage. Also, one of the best methods to prioritize the risks quickly and accurately is Risk Failure Mode & Effect Analysis. In this article, risk assessment is presented by an integrated model based on Risk Management process of PMBOK standard and RFMEA technique in North Azadegan Oil Field Project.
Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of this article, the risks of a project are identified, firstly. Then, they are prioritized by RFMEA technique. The third step focuses on simulating the project by Pert master software. Finally, the response strategies for each high-priority risk are determined.