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Project Risk Evaluation and Analysis Using Risk Management Based on PMBOK Standard and RFMEA Technique

Akbar Alam Tabriz; Ehsan Hamzehi

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 1-19

  One of the most important problems in project management is the undesirable time and cost variances of projects which are not considered before the project implementation. This problem is the result of the risks, occurring in the length of the project implementation. In this case, Risk Management based ...  Read More

The Performance appraisal of managers By Using 360- Degrees Methods and VIKOR Technique

Ezatollah Asgharizade; Rahim Ehsani; Farajolah Valipour Halabi

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 21-48

  Nowadays evaluation system existence is necessary because of wondrous changes in management knowledge. None existence of evaluation system in the different organization dimensions especially in the level of managers is one of the signals that shows the organization problem. The aim of this research is ...  Read More

Studying the elements of strategic planning in order to provide conceptual and practical model for small industrial companies

Fariborz Rahimnia; Shamsodin Nazemi; Ebrahim Mashreghi

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 49-70

  This paper aims to review the literature in order to propose a conceptual model for strategic planning process and to examine the applicability of this model. This research is done in four industrial estates in Khorasan - Razavi province. The statistical population includes top managers of the companies ...  Read More

Selection of Appropriate Mode of Foreign Investment by Using Multi Create Decision Making Techniques in oil refinery industries of Islamic Republic of Iran

Reza salami; Hadi Ramezani; Sima Sedighi Gariz; Ahmad Jamali

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 71-96

  Today, foreign investment is known as one of the most important sources of funding and technology transfer modes in developing countries, that is because foreign investment, in comparison to domestic investment, includes competitive advantages such as accessibility to sufficient information, managerial ...  Read More

The integrated model of Fuzzy QFD, Fuzzy AHP fuzzy weighted averaged technique for building agile of manufacture

Seddigheh Khorshid

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 97-129

  The manufacturing organizations of information and communication era are facing numerous challenges, including the challenges of demanding customers seeking high quality, low cost products, responsive to their specific and rapidly changing needs. They are seeking manufacturing new models and systems ...  Read More

Credit ranking of natural clients of banks using various neural network models: a case study of a private Iranian bank

Abolfazl Kazemi; Javad Ghasemi; Vahid Zandieh

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 131-161

  Previously, decision about granting facilities to clients of banks in Iran were made based on personal judgment about the risk of failure in reimbursement. But, increasing demand for bank facilities by economic firms and households in one hand, and increasing extensive commercial competition among banks ...  Read More

Application of RSM, F-Regression and GA for evaluating of effective factors in vehicle brake drum assembling process

Hadi Hematiyan; Meysam Sarreshtehdar; Hassan Hadipour

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 163-186

  The present study aims at optimizing the vehicle brake drum assembling process. Considering the crucial role of the Axle unit, especially its vehicle brake drum which is related to the safety of the passengers, the study of the producing and assembling processes and conducting the quality control experiments ...  Read More

Provide appropriate services to potential customers by data mining techniques in e-banking area

Mohammad Reza Taghva; Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Bamakan

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 187-207

  During the past two decades, perspective of competition in the banking industry has been changed significantly. This is due to forces such as new laws, globalization, and grows of technology and becoming bank's services to products, and significant grows in customer's demands. Therefore banks try to ...  Read More

A New Approach for Solving Cell Formation Problem Considering Alternative Process Routings

Payam Chiniforooshan; Behrooz Pourghannad; Narges Shahraki

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 209-231

  In this paper, a mathematical model is proposed to solve cell formation problem considering alternative process routings in which more than one process route for each part can be selected. The model attempts to minimize intercellular movements and incorporates several real-life production factors and ...  Read More

The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Created Shareholder Value

Yahya Hassas Yeganeh; Abdollah Moloudi

Volume 9, Issue 23 , December 2011, Pages 233-261

  The research treat the proportion of institutional investors, institutional investors concentration, the directors of board compensation, the proportion of outside directors and CEO non­duality as corporate governance mechanisms with created shareholders value (CSV) as performance measurement. To ...  Read More