Document Type : Research Paper



Industrial clustering is of a great importance in almost every country throughout the world nowadays. In Iran, accordingly, there has been an increase in the tendency towards industrial clustering in the scientific and decision-making centers as well as the country’s development programs. The unavoidable competitive necessity is the most important issue in clustering and cluster-related policies. In fact, competitiveness is the thermometer of assessing and measuring the success of clustering. The study is devoted to review of literature under “competitiveness”. Next, industrial clusters and competitiveness assessment models in clusters is brought under deeper consideration. Later, Chabahar Fishery’s industrial cluster in the GEM model framework along with its factors used for identifying influential factors in the competitiveness of industrial clusters reviewed is introduced. GEM model is reviewed and applied to identify the important factors on competitiveness in Chabahar Fishery’s industrial cluster. Due to the large number of factors involved, factor prioritization questionnaire s were provided and passed out among experts of the Chabahar Fishery’s Industrial Cluster. Then influential factors were identified and since some of the factors were interrelated, the relative importance of these influential factors was investigated using ANP technique. Here, the prioritization of these factors was done by Super Decision software and in the end based on the acquired results, there have been proposed some strategies for the purpose of increasing competitiveness in Chabahar Fishery’s industrial cluster.