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Agility Evaluation by Using Verbal Variables in Fuzzy Logic and Ranking Fuzzy Numbers by Using Central Gravity Point Technique and Topsis (Case study: Yazd Alloy Steel Company)

Ali Mohaghar; Ali Morvoti Sharifabadi; Seyed Abdolaziz Yonesifar

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 1-22

  In this article we try to collect all opinions of previous researchers in agility evaluation field and to provide a new method for evaluating agility by using Fuzzy logic. First, the structure’s agility level is evaluated by using FAI method. Due to the ranking Fuzzy numbers’ role and importance ...  Read More

Studying the determinants of productivity in Iranian Manufacturing Industries

Mohammad Gholi Yousefi; Asghar Mobarak

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 23-43

  The purpose of this paper has been to study the main determinants of productivity in manufacturing industries of Iran. The main emphasize has been on the role of institutions .We have used productivity in two digit manufacturing industries based on ISIC classification as dependent variable ,and expenditures ...  Read More

A New Methodology for Solving Multi-criteria Decision Making Problem

Maghsoud Amiri; Mohsen Rahimi Mazrae shahi; Hamid Taboli

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 45-65

  This article suggests a new method for solving multi-criteria decision making issues. The method has been designed by simple but rational mathematical logic based on a specific geometric definition of the options. Understandable content as well as algorithm simplicity and simplified process are the rich ...  Read More

Designing a Decision Support System for Customer Evaluation

Mehdi Seifbarghy; Chero Ziaei Naghshbandi

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 67-84

  In this paper, a Decision Support System (DSS) is developed in order to evaluate customers. The addressed system can specially be applied in captive markets. This paper extends Chamodrakas et al. [8] in which the customer evaluation in order to customer selection is executed using a fuzzy TOPSIS method. ...  Read More

Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Allocating Grant

Davood Hoseinpour; Khatere Hajinouri

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 85-114

  The grant allocation section was one of the subjects that have confronted problems and challenges. Universities and higher education head office as education problems administrators’ encounter. Programs related to grant allocation more than other organizations that is because of the demand ever-increasing ...  Read More

Identify and prioritize the factors affecting SME’S competitiveness of The Sistan and Balouchestan Fishery’s Industrial Cluster using the Analytic Network Process

Habibollah Salarzehi; Jasem Dejkam

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 115-139

  Industrial clustering is of a great importance in almost every country throughout the world nowadays. In Iran, accordingly, there has been an increase in the tendency towards industrial clustering in the scientific and decision-making centers as well as the country’s development programs. The unavoidable ...  Read More

Influencing Factors on Export Target Market Selection in Iranian Electrical Industry

Zohreh Dehdashti Shahrokh; Hossein Jafari

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 141-160

  One of the most important concepts of international marketing is export target market selection which is the first stage of internationalization process. This paper studies the factors influencing export target market selection in Iranian electrical industry. The factors categorized in 6 dimensions such ...  Read More

Data Mining for Occupational Accidents in Construction Industry Case Study: A Project Oriented Organization

Saviz Mohammadnabi; Sina Mohammadnabi

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, Pages 161-182

  This study attempted to use data mining as a powerful analytical tool to find patterns for occurrence of accidents from 1845 recorded events in safety data warehouse in one of the largest project-based organizations active in construction industry in Iran between the years 2002 and 2008. High-risk nature ...  Read More