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Supply Risk Management in Automotive Industry Supply Chain: A Grounded Theory

masuod simkhah; kamran Feizi

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 1-25

  This paper provides a process model for supply risk management in the automotive supply chain. Process model describes why the automobile manufacturer's entry into the supply risk management process and how automobile manufacturer manages supply risk. Rely on grounded theory and based on 13 qualitative ...  Read More

Investigating the effect of green innovation dimensions on firm performance: the study in tile and ceramic industry in Yazd province

Ali Morovati sharifabadi; Mahsa Namakshenas Jahromi; Alireza Ziaei Bideh

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 25-42

       The modern world causes increased pollution and environmental problems and governments and organization‘s concerns about the environment and finally creates a concept as green innovation. This paper aims to evaluate the effect of green innovation dimensions on firm performance, ...  Read More

A hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm for dual resource constrained flexible job shop scheduling problem

Mehdi Yazdani; Mostafa Zandieh; Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 43-74

       In this paper, the dual-resource constrained flexible job-shop scheduling problem (DRCFJSP) with objective of minimizing the makespan is investigated. Under studied problem is NP-hard and mainly includes three sub-problems. The first one is to assign each operation to a machine out ...  Read More

Supply Chain Flexibility Mathematical Modeling using Goal Programming

Ahmad Jafarnejad; Mehrdad Yasaei

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 75-96

  Due to the changes in production and market conditions, companies are facing many pressures. One of the ways of confronting with these pressures is the concept of supply chain and increasing its flexibility to satisfy different needs of customers. Despite the importance of supply chain flexibility, lack ...  Read More

A New Hybrid Method for Redundancy Allocation in Production Systems using Modified NSGA-II and MOPSO Algorithm

Ali Mohtashami*

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 97-124

  This paper presents a multi-objective mathematical model for redundancy allocation in production systems. In many of the production and assembly lines, process times, time between failures and repaired times are generally distributed. The proposed method of this paper is able to consider time dependent ...  Read More

Developing (r,Q) & (R,T) inventory control models

Magsud Amiri; , Mohammad Amin Nayebi; Oveis Zarabadipour

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 125-124

  In this paper we have developed inventory control models (r,Q) & (R,T) in multi-items environment by two objectives as minimizing costs (holding & shortage) and risk level under four constraints. These constraints include: available budge, service level, storage space & allowed shortage quantities. ...  Read More

Evaluation of Dual Long Memory Properties with Emphasizing the Skewed and Fat-Tail Distribution: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

Mohammad Javad Mohagheghnia; Kashi Mansoor; Alireza Daliri; Mohammad Donyaei

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, Pages 151-181

  This paper investigates the presence of long memory in the Tehran stock market, using the ARFIMA, GPH, GSP and FIGARCH models. The data set consists of daily returns, and long memory tests are carried out both for the returns and volatilities of TEPIX series. Results of the GPH, GSP and ARFIMA models ...  Read More