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Multi-Period Portfolio Optimization Using Dynamic Programming Approach

Negin Mohebbi; Amir Abbas Najafi

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 1-26


  Portfolio selection has always been one of the important issues in the field of investment management, which discusses how to allocate an investor's capital to different assets and form an efficient portfolio. If the modeling assumptions for portfolio optimization is closer to the real world, the results ...  Read More

A Fuzzy Expert System for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease

Reza Yousefi Zenouz; Reza Olamaie; Somayeh Olamaie

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 27-52


  Millions of people encounter coronary artery disease annually, and this disease constitutes a large number of patients. Although considerable progress has been made in medical science, but the early detection of this disease is still a challenging issue. The aim of this paper is to describe developing ...  Read More

Competitive positioning for LARG Supply Chain in Cement Industry and its Strategic Requirements Importance-Performance Analysis

Gholamreza Jamali; Elham Karimi Asl

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 53-77


  Supply Chain Management (SCM) is considered as a key factor to achieve goals such as creating competitive advantage, product quality improvement and increasing profitability in the cement industry. The main purpose of this research is to determine competitive positioning for LARG supply chain in the ...  Read More

Real-Time Multiple Disruptions Management In a Multi-Level Supply Chain: A Recovery Planning Approach

Laya Olfat; Maghsoud Amiri; Ebrahim Teimoury; Fatemeh Ghasemzadeh Gevari

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 79-104


  In today’s competitive world, supply chain management gains more attention every day. One of the most challenging topics in this field for managers and researchers is supply chain disruption management. When a disruption occurs in an echelon of a multi level supply chain, it may affect other echelon’s ...  Read More

Proposing a Mathematical Model and Lower Bound for Ergonomic Job Rotation Scheduling Problem

Javad Behnamian; Zeinab Akhavan

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 105-124


  Work in industrial workshops and heavy activities has effects on the health of workers and in terms of occupational hazards associated with many risks for them. Since in the industrial units there are different works in terms of ergonomic load and hardship of work, the occupational hazards can be reduced ...  Read More

Modelling and Solving the Project Time-Cost-quality trade off Problem on Condition of the Dependence of Quality on Time and Cost

Abbas Shoul; Esmaeil Keshavarz

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 125-157


  In the present research, Time-Cost-Quality trade off problem is formulated and solved, from a new point of view. To this end, quality is defined as a function of time and cost, then by defining the project’s quality as minimum value of quality of activities and regarding predecessor relations between ...  Read More

Iran Auto Market Price Segmentation and Car Ranking in Segments Using a Hybrid DEMATEL- Two-Step Clustering-TOPSIS Approaches and two-step Weighting based on Shannon’s entropy

Tahereh Zaefarian; Mohammad Andabili; Hossein Momeni; Seyed Esmaeil Najafi

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 159-192


  Today, there are more than 300 types of cars in Iran auto market, which has a significant growth in recent decade. High variety have challenges for decision makers in selecting cars. No mathematical model has been developed yet for segmenting and ranking Iran auto market, which carry out both defining ...  Read More

Maintenance Strategy Selection using Fuzzy Hierarchical Approach

Razieh Taghipour; Soroush Avakh Darestani

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 193-228


  In recent years, maintenance has been recognized as an effective and a significant improvement tool in the performance of equipments. Maintenance plays an important role in maintaining reliability, availability and quality of products, risk reduction, efficiency increase and safety, so maintenance and ...  Read More

Multi Criteria Decision Making Techniques and Knapsack Approach for Clustering, Evaluating and Selecting Projects

Azam Keshavarz Hadadha; Zahra Jalili Bal; Siamak Haji Yakhchali

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 229-255


  Project Portfolio Selection is one of the strategic decisions on the level of management in project-oriented organizations; which is one of the most important and effective stages in project portfolio management. In other words, after identification and evaluation of different projects, optimal combination ...  Read More

A Simulation Model of Mobile Banking Acceptance by Bank Customers Using the System Dynamics Approach

Mahdi Bastan; Elaheh Abbasi; Alimohammad Ahamadvand; Reza Ramazani K

Volume 16, Issue 50 , October 2018, Pages 257-284


  Acceptance of new technology and developed products is one of the main interest of innovative organization’s managers. Service organizations create value for their customers through the development of new products and services and can earn profit from this. New products development lead to high ...  Read More