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supply chain management
Designing a closed-loop supply chain multi-objective optimization model with the aim of supplier selection and order allocation (case study: Iran's retail stores for protein products)

Mina Kazemi Miyangaskari; Mohammad Reza Mehrregan; Hossein Safari; samira keivanpour; Mahmoud Dehghan Nayer

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 1-42


  In today's competitive business landscape, the efficient management of supply chains has become a cornerstone of success for economic enterprises. Supplier selection, as the initial link in the supply chain, holds significant sway over various critical factors, such as product quality, return rates, ...  Read More

supply chain management
Integrated production and distribution scheduling in a dental prosthetics supply chain under additive manufacturing environment

S.Ali Torabi; Yasin Heidari

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 43-75


  In a competitive world, one of the most crucial ways to enhance the supply chain performance of manufacturing companies is through integrated scheduling of production and distribution activities. Two significant concerns for dentists and patients include delayed denture deliveries and the multiple production ...  Read More

project management
Design of a supply chain management model for construction project based on viable system model( case study: petrochemical construction project)

ali mohaghar; Fatemeh Saghafi; Ebrahim Teimoury; Jalil Heidary Dahooie; Abdolkarim sabaee

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 77-127


  The application of supply chain management within the construction industry presents significant challenges due to the transient nature of construction projects, high levels of customization, low repeatability of activities, absence of a production line, and interdependent relationships among activities. ...  Read More

supply chain management
Identifying components and driving indicators in green supply chain management based on Internet of Things

hossein karimi; MohhamadJavad Jamshidi; Milad Bakhsham

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 129-160


  This research aims to identify key components and indicators for managing green supply chains utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). The methodology employed is a mixed approach consisting of two stages. First, through qualitative content analysis, this study reviews theoretical foundations and previous ...  Read More

supply chain management
Assessment of Supply Chain Risks on New Product Development Performance Using Bayesian Network (Case Study: HappyLand Garment Manufacturing Factory)

mona mousavie; Mahmoud Moradi; Mostafa Ebrahimpour Azbari

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 161-198


  In light of the continuous and rapid changes in global competition, companies face the imperative of consistently introducing new products or expanding their existing product lines to maintain their competitive edge. Recognizing that numerous factors within the supply chain influence the production, ...  Read More

supply chain management
Efficiency evaluation of cement production companies using nonhomogeneous network DEA

Homa Abedi Dehkordi; Ghasem Tohidi; Shabnam Razavyan; Mohammad Ali Keramati

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 199-233


  Cement production in Iran takes place across various geographical locations, each characterized by distinct weather conditions. The technology employed in cement production varies depending on the availability of raw materials, fuel sources, and essential resources like water. Consequently, diverse inputs ...  Read More

modeling and simulation
Centralized DEA approach to assess efficiency scores of bank branches with foreign exchange transactions

Fereshteh Koushki

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, Pages 235-270


  It is inevitable for a manager to consider the performance effects of each component of a multi-stage financial equity capital. These components serve as inputs in the first stage to raise investments. The investments, as outputs of the first stage, become inputs for the second stage and are used in ...  Read More