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supply chain management
An analysis of the enablers effective on the implementation of the circular economy and Industry 4.0 in the supply chain

Mehrdad kiani; davood andalib ardakani; Habib Zare Ahmadabadi; Seid Heydar Mirfakhraddini

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 1-43


  Circular economy and Industry 4.0 are concepts that have garnered significant attention from businesses and universities in recent years. They are currently being promoted by many governments worldwide. The synergy between these two concepts offers the potential to move towards a more sustainable society ...  Read More

supply chain management
Multi-objective planning and scheduling of operating rooms and sterile section reusable surgical devices with a scenario-based robust optimization approach

Fatemeh Arjmandi; Parvaneh Samouei

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 45-87


  Planning and scheduling operating rooms and required equipment is very important for hospital managers from the perspective of cost, social, and health principles. Because operating rooms are one of the sources of income for hospitals that can provide the services needed by emergency patients who arrive ...  Read More

Efficiency assessment and managerial ability analysis of the regional electricity transmission sector with the presence of contextual variables

Maryeh Nematizadeh; Alireza Amirteimoori; Sohrab Kordrostami; Leila Khoshandam

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 89-127


  The electricity industry plays a pivotal role in a country's economic growth and development. Therefore, it is imperative to assess its performance and identify the strengths and weaknesses of its different sectors, such as production, transmission, and distribution, to enhance economic growth in diverse ...  Read More

Designing multi period-multi level Supply Chain for Fixed Lifetime Perishable Products under Uncertainty

Ahmad Ebrahimi; laya olfat; Maghsood Amiri; Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 129-172


  The current research has considered the design of the four-level supply chain of perishable goods, including manufacturing factories, distribution centers, wholesalers, and retailers, in conditions of uncertainty in important parameters. The aim is to make strategic and tactical decisions, including ...  Read More

supply chain management
Performance Evaluation of sustainable supply chain of perishable products in the food industry

shahryar marzban; Morteza Shafiee; Mohammad Reza Mozaffari

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 173-225


  There is a growing concern about the social and environmental impact of the food supply chain, and the food industry faces numerous challenges. This has created significant pressure from various stakeholders to enhance the sustainable performance of the life cycle of perishable products. In this study, ...  Read More

production and operations management
Customer demand management in the optimal assignment of tasks to work stations according to priority orders

fahimeh tanhaie

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 227-260


  The mix model assembly line has attracted the attention of many industrial manufacturers due to its special features and the ability to adapt to market changes. This article has discussed and investigated a new approach in relation with customers, the results of which indicate the proper management of ...  Read More

Industrial management
Designing a mathematical model of the biomass supply chain to build a power plant despite disruption

davod dehghan; Kiamars Fathi Hafshejani; Jalal Haghighat monfared

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, Pages 261-296


  The importance of mass biology has increased due to pollution caused by biomass burial, the profitability of biomass energy, and the demand for energy in the supply chain network. The goal of this research is to design a model for the biomass supply chain network with an economic and ecological approach ...  Read More