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Model of Measuring Technical Service Quality Delivered to Petrochemical Downstream Industries In Sales Engineering

ali seyyed naghavi; mohammad mahdi bahrololoum

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, , Pages 137-158

  One of the effective key factors in differentiating and outrunning competitors is the continuous delivery of superior quality to the customers. The secret of success is meeting or getting ahead of customer’s expectations in relation to service quality. By considering the fact that service quality ...  Read More

Technological approach to HRM: A model for managing industrial institutes

Mir Ali Seyyed Naghavi

Volume 8, Issue 19 , December 2010, , Pages 53-71

  “analyzability” and “variability” and this differentiation affecting on human resource practices. This paper uses “Charles pro’s four type of technologies: Repetitive, Engineering, non-repctitive and artifacts in order to explanting HRM practices. Therefore four major ...  Read More

Exploring the effective factors in entrepreneurial potential with developing a multidisciplinary approach: duto parts manufacturing industries case study

Peyman Akhavan; Mir Ali seyed Nahavi; Ahmad Ebrahimi; Arash Bakhsha; Mohammad R. Zahedi

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, , Pages 107-133

  This research is done for more knowing about automobile industries entrepreneurship environment and has presented the comprehensive model for starting the entrepreneurship in this field. This model is extracted from interviewing Iranian auto parts manufacturing entrepreneurs and most information has ...  Read More

Developing a Comprehensive Model of Measurement for Intellectual Capital: Case Study of a Profit Organization

Peyman Akhavan; Mir Ali Seyed Naghavi; Morteza Soltani Noh; Taleb Asadi Karam

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, , Pages 115-142

  This paper reviews intellectual capital literature, develops a holistic model and inspects a case study of holistic model implementation. Reviewing the literature, 34 models of managing intellectual capital have been identified. Extracting different concentration areas of each model, we set up a comparison ...  Read More

A Model for Human Resource Architecture in Organizations

Mir Ali Seyyed Naghavi; Hamid Reza Qasemi

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, , Pages 153-177

  Human resource management, like every scientific issue other, faces some new approaches that gain from contingents of business environment.  There  has been  a  perspective  since founding up  the human resource management major that has been believed to design job  in ...  Read More