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Providing a Lean Supply Chain Model for Iran's Defense Industries Using Interpretative Structural Modeling Approach

Akbar Rahimi; Abbas Raad; Akbar Alem Tabriz; Alireza Motameni

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 1-49


  The production of defense products is indispensable because of the role it plays in deterring and promoting the national security of the country, and, on the other hand, the economic conditions prevailing in the country have made production of defense products at the lowest cost an obligatory requirement. ...  Read More

Designing a Cooperative Multi-Echelon Fuzzy Supply Chain Considering Discount and Marketing Costs: a Game Theory Approach

Javad Behnamian; Mohammad Mehdi Bashar

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 51-86


  Cooperation in supply chain, due to conflicts in goals, is one the most important topics in SCM. With cooperation, players in supply chain echelons have agree with each other to play in supply chain game as a whole. To reach highest profit in the whole supply chain in cooperation condition, using game ...  Read More

A Framework for Open Innovation Adoption at firm level (the Case: a Firm in Food Packaging and Printing Industry)

Ahmad Ahmadi; Abolfazl Kazai; Mohammad Naghizadeh; Maghsood Amiri

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 87-127


  Following Chesbrough's statements of open innovation as a spectrum rather than a dichotomy, many studies have been conducted to reflect the dynamics in its implementation in the form of typologies, modes, themes, and mechanisms. These studies, with considering only some aspects of the innovation process, ...  Read More

Modelling and Solving the Integrated Bi-Objective Aggregate Production Planning and Maintenance Problem with Dissatisfaction Reduction Approach

Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 129-169


  Today, the realization of pre-determined programs and timely supply of customer requests and orders is one of the important and strategic goals of organizations and production units. This importance is caused by importance of customer position and also exploitation of resources. In this paper, the integrated ...  Read More

Multi-Objective Inventory-Location-Routing Problem, with Multiple Suppliers and Perishable Products using Scenario-Based Approach

Zahra Rafiee-Majd; Hamidreza Pasandideh

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 171-207


  In this paper, a three-echelon supply chain, consisting a number of suppliers, distribution centers (DCs), and retailers (customers) is modeled as an integrated bi-objective inventory- location – routing problem (ILRP) which, perishable products are delivered to the customers through DCs in a limited ...  Read More

Simultaneous Selection of the Technology and its Transfer Method from the Preferred Supplier Applying BWM and Grey ANP Methods

Ali Bonyadi Naieni; Sirous Amirghodsi; Ahmad Makui

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 209-243


  One of the important decisions in the supply chain is the supplier selection affecting different sectors and objectives of a chain significantly. In supplier selection area, product/technology selection, product/technology transfer method selection, and product/technology supplier selection are three ...  Read More

The Impact of Green Training on Organizational Performance Through the Mediating Role Of Green Supply Chain Management (the Case: National Oil Products Distribution Company of Guilan)

Soroush Avakh Darestani; Fatemeh Fazel

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 245-274


  Training and development are considered as the facilitator of Green Human Resource Management. Green training related to environmental issues and enables all employees to the organization's performance with environmental issues are integrated. The aim of this research was about investigating the relationship ...  Read More

An Integrated Location-Production-Distribution Model in the Green Supply Chain Considering Customer Service Level

Saeed Mousakhani; Saeed Mousakhani; Mohamad Sadegh Sangari

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 275-304


  Integrated production-distribution planning is one of the main issues in supply chain management that plays an important role in reducing supply chain costs. In addition, choosing optimal location of distribution centers can facilitate achieving this goal. On the other hand, environmental laws and regulations ...  Read More

Impact of Power on Financial Performance in Relations between Members of the Supply Chain in Building Industry

Ehsan Kashi; Mehri Shahriari

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 305-335


  Relationship management in the supply chain has a significant impact on the operational competitiveness, performance and profitability of the companiesand power is one of the important concepts that is considered in the relationships between members of a supply chain. The purpose of this study was to ...  Read More

Risk Management in Construction Projects Considering the Cross-Dependency Project Risks: Utility Maximization

Masoud Fazli; Ali Fallah; Amir KHakbaz

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, Pages 337-374


  Nowadays, risk management is a good way to deal with the risks that may occur in a project. In risk response analysis, risks are often assumed to be interdependent. In fact, the risks affect each other in project. Implementing and managing various projects, including construction projects, has a lot ...  Read More