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Proposing the Combinational Model of Service Quality and Analytic Network for Ranking Service Provider Enterprises: Case Study of Insurance Enterprises of Central Insurance

A. Jafar Nejad; H. Rahimi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 1-26

  This research introduces an integrated method for ranking different service providing institutions based on their service quality level. In this way the suitable criteria for assessing the service quality have been identified. In order to recognize the differences and gap analysis several hypotheses ...  Read More

Information Technology Applications in Business Process Re-engineering

K. Feizee; A. R. Moghadasi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 49-70

  This article sheds light on the main reasons of moving organizations toward business process reengineering and the basic characteristics of information technology based business process reengineering. Then the main information technology oriented effective factors in business process reengineering are ...  Read More

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Information Technology (IT): Relationships and Performances

M. Ansari; J. Salehi Sadaghiani

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 71-89

  Modern and new technologies have changed the management view and the methods of problem solving and management of organizations. For effectively managing the organizations at todays changing environment managers should view different global economic, social, political and legal conditions and must pay ...  Read More

Proposing a Generic Model of industrial Policy­ making, with an Emphasis on Electronics Industry

R. Baradaran Kazemzadeh; S. H. Tabatabaeian; Majid Hasani Parsa

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 91-125

  TNA  (Technology   Needs  Assessment),   STIP  (Scope, Technology,  Impact, Policy) & MSTP (Market  Stimulating Technology   Policy)  are three tools and frameworks that can used as policy making model in industry & technology. In this ...  Read More

Assessing Organizational Responsiveness in Iranian Manufacturing Companies of Radio and Television with Fuzzy Logic

G. Khoshsima; C. Lucas; M. Haji Bagheri

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 127-145

  In today’s dynamic and uncertain environment responsiveness is one of the most important priorities and characteristics of manufacturing organizations. Responsiveness is a multidimensional concept and vague notion. For this reason we are often facing many problems when assessing it. Thus, in this ...  Read More