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Determining the kinds of dominant decision making for purchasing in different kinds of VALS life style (high resource)

Sayed Ali Akbar Afjeh; Kobra Bakhshizadeh Borj

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 1-28

  The important factors affecting the information search process and following it the decision making for buying, have been widely under survey that the result of this survey shows that this ingredient includes: market specialty, product specialty, consumer specialty and situational condition. In case ...  Read More

Designing GA and ICA approaches to solve an originative job rotation scheduling problem regarding bordem costs

Ashkan Ayough; Mostafa Zandyeh; Haide Mottaghi

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 29-54

  In this paper we develop the concept of boring caused by doing the same jobs to two types of boring, negative or undesirable and positive or desirable, which are felt by operators because of doing similar jobs and not only due to doing the same ones. Based on this new concept, the flexible model has ...  Read More

Supplier selection under uncertainty using Interval Compromise Programming

Payam Chiniforoshan; Behrouz Pourghannad; Rouzbeh Azizmohammadi; Seyed Hossein Razavi

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 55-74

  Now days one of the main strategies and policies of firms is purchasing parts from external suppliers. For decision making about selecting suppliers, are considered the different criteria. But because of changes of management levels and external suppliers strategies, could not determine input data precisely. ...  Read More

Study of the relationship between Stock Liquidity index and Previous Lags in TSE Listed Companies

Ali Saeedi; Ommolbanin Dadar

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 75-97

  One of the most important function of financial markets and especially stock exchanges is facilitating, accelerating and cost reduction in conversion of financial asset into cash and vice versa. Turnover velocity is the ability to buy and sell considerable amount of securities, quickly and with very ...  Read More

Studying the Aspect's Effects of Psychological Empowerment of Employee on Organizational Entrepreneurship in Tehran Institute of Technology

Alireza Amirkabiri; Samad Fathi

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 99-124

  The importance of education in advancement and development of information technology and communication technology has been stabilized as preparation for multilateral development of all countries. Development of these sciences can be regarded as basis for entrepreneurship in all fields. Development and ...  Read More

The roles of Cybernetic-Scanning Management (CSM) in the organizational learning process

Vajhollah Ghorbanizadeh; Amin Asadpoor

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 125-166

  Organizational environment has become more than any time complex, dynamic, and revolutionized. The changes trespass the make managers face with new challenges. Survival and excellence in such an environment is attainable solely with change and adoption with dynamicity. This article attends to cybernetic-scanning ...  Read More

Group decision making to select machine tools by using fuzzy VIKOR method

Maghsoud Amiri

Volume 6, Issue 16 , June 2007, Pages 167-188

  Selection of appropriate machine tools for a manufacturing company, because that effects on product process, is a very important. But by imprecise information, the selection will be complicated. The VIKOR method is one of new methods for solving problems of multiple criteria decision making where its ...  Read More