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Developing an integrated model for evaluation Risk in Supply Chain using ANN (Case Study: Iran Alloy Steel Company)

Seyed Habib Allah Mirghafoori; Ali Morovati Sharifabadi; Faezeh Asadian Ardakani

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 1-21

  In the last few years, supply chain management becomes more important,because of the globalization of business. By increasing complexity, levelof uncertainty and risk in the chain goes up. Hence supply chain risk managementhas become a major issue in the organization. One of the risksexisting in the ...  Read More

Inventory classification by multiple objective particles swarm optimization

Mansour Esmaeilzadeh; Amin Hoseinpoor; Mohammad Reza Namdar

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 23-50

  Inventory classification is one of important techniques in inventory controlcontext. Managers have to classify inventories because of their variety andhigh volume. So a stream of research has been to attempt to find methodsthat increase the management control by determining the number of inventoryclasses. ...  Read More

Measuring supply chain agility using fuzzy rule base and fuzzy agility index in the electronics industry (case study: PISHRANEH Company, Sari, Iran)

Hani Ghasemi Sahebi; Mahmoud Zanjirchi

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 56-76

  To achieve a competitive edge in the rapidly changing business environment,companies must align with suppliers and customers to streamlineoperations, as well as working together to achieve a level of agility beyondindividual companies. Consequently, agile supply chains are the dominantcompetitive vehicles. ...  Read More

isk Based Comparison between two data mining methods in segmentation of car insurance customers (Case Study: Mellat Insurance Company
Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 77-97

  Due to the sharp rise of the information technology (IT), the amount of datastored in databases is dramatically on the rise. Analyzing the stored data andconverting it to information and knowledge which is applicable in organizationsrequires powerful instruments. As with other economic sectors, recognizing ...  Read More

Effective factors of successful implementation of knowledge management systems

Naghmeh alvandi; Rahmat Mirzaei; Mohammad jafar tarokh

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 98-128

  In this study, first by study different sources, effective factors of successfulimplementation of knowledge management systems have been identified.Then, by means of statistical analysis and SPSS software status ofeach factor in the Tamin Company was evaluated in order to determineis the company ready ...  Read More

Evaluating of Information System implementation, user’s aspect

Mohammad Reza Taghva

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 129-151

  the importance of having information system in any organization is obvious.It is not for sure having software & hardware that made a systemprofitable. It is when system achieves it predetermined goals and usersbenefit from it. The success implementation of master information systemhas been questioned ...  Read More

Determining the effective Variable to improve the Quality of Welding with Response Surface Methodology and omparing it with Simulation Annealing Algorithm

Hossein Khanaki; Mahdi Azizmohammadi; Masoud Vakili; Saeed Khan Mohammadian

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, Pages 153-179

  AbstractIn this paper, the critical parameters of a method of welding with shieldinggas arc welding (GMAW) are discussed; this method is an important processin creating high quality metal permanent connections in various industries,including the automobile industry to improve the quality of stemdiameter ...  Read More